Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuesday Q&A and French Trellis update

Mystery Stole 3 / Habu Silk Question

Lisa asked
" ...I've been looking at your Habu silk. Is the white a bright white or softer?..."

The white is actually a nice soft white more like vanilla ice cream. I'm not a person who wears white or even cream especially next to my face so I hesitated a little before pulling this out of my shop for this project. I figured I could wear this with a brightly colored and patterned top or dress or at the very least it will look gorgeous draped on my headboard. I couldn't decided which color of beads I wanted to use with this project so I ordered 3 and will do another swatch with all three this weekend. Who knows I might use some of all three in a random fashion.

French Trellis Scarf Progress

Last night I finished repeat 6 of 8 on the lower border (Woot!). No pictures since 6 repeats looks pretty much like 4 just a little longer ;-) This lace pattern with patterning on both the RS and WS is really challenging me which is a good thing. I should finish the lower border tomorrow night then will start picking up the slipped stitches along the straight edge to begin the body. I'll try to take pictures of how I am picking up these stitches and post that this week. Looking at the pattern for the body this should go much faster which is great since I really want to finish this before the 29th when the Mystery Stole 3 clue 1 will be released.

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