Tuesday, July 03, 2007

On July 2nd, 1961 ....

Yes, I turned 46 yesterday ;-)
  • I was born at an US Military (Air Force) hospital in Iwakuni, Japan.
  • My dad was a radio operator on planes for the Navy and my mom went over with him.
  • His enlistment time was up when I turned 3 months and we came back to the states (Sacramento, CA).
  • I was raised in Santa Clara, CA and consider myself a native Californian despite being born abroad.
Here's some fun facts for July 2nd that I found on Wikipedia.org




I also share my birthday with Canada (Canada Day)

It was a very nice day even though work was involved.

It's Christmas in July ! My sister in Seattle sent me some presents.

She knows how I love the glass bird ornaments that clip on and got me a set of 6 (above) and a really lovely larger one like the ones I already am collecting (below).

Then there were these adorable little glass butterfly ornaments that are just too cute.
and because she knows how I needed a toiletry travel bag there was one of those too!

My sister in Gilroy, CA gave me this wonderful soy bead and candle set that smells heavenly.

My dad got be this... how fun. Can't wait to load into iTunes and listen to this one.

It was a really nice day and wonder what this next year will bring.


Noelle said...

Hey we share the same birthday! Happy b'day!!

Iris G said...

Although this is a bit too late, I still want to send my warmest (or coolest) greetings! Thank you for sharing with us these beautiful gifts you've got!