Monday, February 04, 2008

I still love socks

There's been knitting progress this week.

On the 'Big Project' front ... the Sonnet Sweater is still chuging along.
I went to some friends yesterday for a Super Bowl Party.
Well actually it was a Super Bowl Commercial and Half Time party since none of us are really into football but really enjoy the commercials and halftime show. Great food, people and there was even knitting. I worked on the Sonnet sleve and am past the elbow. Guess I was talking and watching more than I thought since I estimated having this sleeve done by the end of the game. I modified the pattern for the sleeve by not only knitting it in the round thus eliminating a bulky seam but also made it narrower. I thought the original sleve was too blulky/boxy looking and I wanted a more fitted sleeve. Instead of casting on 50 stitches based on the pattern calculations I did 32 and will increase to 56 at the widest part at the top. It is turning out nicely and after blocking should be perfect.

Here's a little closeup of the sleve showing the box stitch pattern that goes down the side of the sleeve.

yup. just past the elbow and still want this sweater done by the 23rd.

another reason this didn't have as much of the knitting attention this week as it probably should have is my continued love for socks.

I finished my 5th sock of the year on Saturday and cast on for it's mate (3rd pair of '08) last night.

Isn't it a cutie? Here's the Lace Cuff Anklet all done with it's crochet edging.

Thought I'd lift it's skirt and show you the very clever 1x1 ribbing underneath the lace to support the cuff.

All it's cuteness... and it fits perfectly.

I also took time to finish up a pair of Monkey socks that I had started back in August while visting my sister and mom in Seattle. These are Cookie A's Monkey sock pattern turned on it's toes. I did them toe up using my favorite magic cast on and used her stitch pattern which turned upside down since going toe up insead of cuff down. I also used a short row heel and a twisted rib cuff. The yarn is Blue Moon Fiber's Socks That Rock Light Weight in Footzey Foo and I used US1's. Love them and they will join the other Monkey's Little Bunny Foo Foo and there is a third Foo colorway waiting to turn into a monkey.

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