Friday, January 30, 2009

Totally Zenned

Zenning Along...

Since I'm sitting here laid off (again), searching the job sites, applying for the few positions that fit my technical skills. This seems like the perfect time to focus my efforts on upgrading and adding features to the Knitting Hutch site and shopping cart.

I've spent most of the day reading the ZenCart forums. Thinking I should upgrade to the current version I noticed a thread discussing the Beta version 2.0 due to be released soon.

Before I knew it I had spent most of the morning reading this one thread and deciding I'm going to hang back and see what this version brings. I'm still on a supported version only 1 patch level back. So now I'll focus on addressing some nagging issues such as product attributes not working all of a sudden and International shipping through USPS not working as expected. Well, enough of that tech stuff I guess.

New fun stuff in the shop ...
There is a new (and very cool) knitting tool coming very soon. It's the knitter's equivalent of the Swiss Army Knife. They are called The Knit Kit and will be $19.95.
I've ordered 10 of these and they are scheduled to arrive mid-March. They are available for pre-order and I am including a package of 2 Bates 2" yarn needles that should fit nicely in the compartment.

There is a shipment, or more accurately several shipments, on the way from Habu.
I've ordered 1 oz cones of A-177 Soft Merino wool in all available colors. This is the same feltable, lace wool used in the Kusha Kusha Scarf, Shawl and Jacket kits. Oh, and I'm keeping the Kusha Kusha scarf and shawl kits at the 2008 price.
So is there any knitting going on here? ...
Oh yes, and you'll be shocked that there's only 1 pair of socks in the 4 latest projects.
But that will have to wait until Monday.
Knit on, and have a wonderful weekend. I'll be knitting while the Super Bowl is on. Have to see the commercials and half time show you know.

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