Friday, March 13, 2009

At the top of the castle stairs

The Alcala Shawl is coming along very nicely and as I said above I am at the top of the stairs and getting ready to step down the other side. Should have the 'back' steps done this weekend (hopefully). Then onto cutting and placing the remaining fringe pieces. Don't forget to check out the Maggi Jackson Yarns and Books in the shop.

I was curious what the word Alcala came from and what it means so I did a little Goggleing. Alcala is a Spanish place name and comes from the Arabic word for 'The Castle'.
If you wikipedia the word you will find there are many towns and villages beginning with Alcala such as Alcala de Rio you see it is a town in Seville, Spain. I also found there are a few Spanish restaurants named Alcala.

Enjoy your knitting this weekend, see ya Sunday with another blog.

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