Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New starts

I started a couple new projects last week and I am very excited about both.

First up... I was working along on Gisela Redux at good speed and ran out of balled yarn and it was late and I didn't feel like winding it so I started another sweater. Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it. The project - Ann Budd's Garter Lace Jacket from Simple Style. Since the yarn I selected for this one is put up in balls why not get it on the needles ;-) I'm using Jojoland Fingering weight wool in a tan color. This will be a very light and airy sweater; perfect for Spring and Summer here in the Pacific North West. I got gauge with US7 needles and away I went.

The back is a simple garter stitch pattern so perfect mindless knitting but can't wait to see the lace form on the front pieces.

Jojoland fingering weight - Not just for socks.
Perfect for light weight sweaters and shawls too!

A tan sweater will soon join my small but growing collection of hand knitted sweaters.

Here's a picture from the book Simple Style.

Don't worry about poor Gisela. This weekend I'll wind up the reclaimed yarn this weekend and finish the back, left front and sleeves. She'll get done... trust me I can't wait to wear this one too.
Now for the really big new project announcement.
Last week I started back to work. You know that 9-5 thing that supports my knitting habit.
Currently scheduled to go through the end of November with the possibility of extending.
So what does this mean for The Knitting Hutch. Not much change really. I'll still be processing orders as quickly as possible (1-2 days). New items are still coming in and on the horizon. I probably won't be blogging and tweeting as often but will continue to keep you up to date with goings on.
Now off to name my new lacy, gartery sweater while making progress on it.
Don't forget to ....
Enjoy your knitting!

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