Monday, April 16, 2007

Introduction and Welcome to Jackie's blog for The Knitting Hutch

Welcome to Jackie's (aka The Knitting Hutch) blog. First let me do a quick introduction.

I learned to knit in 1972 and have been knitting off and on since. In the last couple years I have knit with a vengance and discovered that this of all needle crafts is my true passion. With this discovery I decided last March (after Stitches West... coincidence?) to open a knitting shop in my home and online - The Knitting Hutch.

Here is where you'll find out about the New Arrivals and what's Coming Soon, Shop Events as well as what I'm Currently Working on. This won't replace the existing New Arrivals page on the website but will be more of my personal notes on the new arrivals and items coming in soon.
... and the project status won't be replacing my completed projects page either but will document the life of each project.

In order to keep me 'on task' here I'll be trying to do this on some sort of schedule.

  • Mondays - Jackie's Project(s) status and Coming Soon
  • Wednesdays - Shop Events and Sales
  • Saturdays - New Arrivals

I'll also post misc. ramblings as thoughts and time permits.

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