Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wool Peddler update... and New Arrivals

I made good progress on the Wool Peddler's Shawl last night (most of repeat 5), and should be well into repeat 6 (the last repeat) if not done. I really want to have this ready to block on Saturday (yes, this Saturday). ;-) Isn't easy though with these tempting me ....

Yesterday I received my latest shipment from Claudia Hand Painted Yarns and like all of her yarns I love them. On the left is Sport Weight in the Walk in the Woods colorway.

Then there's the Small Loop Boucle (with 78% mohair) in the John B colorway. The Knitting Hutch now has Sport Weight and Boucle in Walk in the Woods, Woodland Moss and John B. along with offering Forest Canopy Shawl in the Sport Weight. I desperately wanted to cast on for the Forest Canopy Shawl in the Walk in the Woods but ... discipline ;-)

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