Sunday, May 06, 2007

I'm back ... and lots to catch up on

It's been a crazy 2 weeks here and just now have time to put up a post. Hang in there this is covering a very busy 2 weeks and goes from sad events to happier ones.

Louise Willie Hutcherson (July 29, 1922 - April 23, 2007)

On Saturday April 21st my Grandmother went into the hospital and was not expected to make it another few hours so I closed the shop packed an overnight back and rushed over to Sacramento. I was able to make it there to see her one last time which I am grateful for and then she peacefully passed away on Monday the 23rd of April. I had to rush back home to work and pack for the funeral and the Sea Sock Cruise (details coming). On Wednesday (25th) I picked my sister up at the airport and we went directly to Sacramento to help with the arrangements for the funeral on Friday the 25th. We spent Thursday burning cd's to give to those who came to the funeral and back to the house afterwards. It was nice having this project as well as the photo boards to work on to keep our minds focused.

The first song on the cd is "It's Such a Pretty World Today' which my sister and I always called "Grandma's Song" since whenver we were there she would sing it to us in the morning and it made me smile. The rest we knew were songs that she loved listening to.

The service was wonderful and I know she would have been very happy knowing we were all there to remember her.

... Onward to happier events ...

On Saturday morning (28th) my sister and I went to the airport in San Jose. She returned to Seattle, WA and I onto Los Angeles for the Sea Sock Cruise. We had lunch at the Falafel stand and drove around downtown before going to the airport.

To be continued ....

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