Monday, May 07, 2007

... and how a possum got in my bathtub I'll never know ...

In my worst Groucho Marx impersonation ;-)

OK, to divert your attention from the fact that I haven't posted about the Sea Sock Cruise yet I'll tell you about a rude awakening I had this morning. Throughout the night I heard noises and just thought it was one of my cats outside pushing on the door wanting in. I'd get up to investigate but the noise would stop before I could locate it. Then at 5am I heard it again and went to see what was going on and could tell it was coming from the bathroom, the bathtub specifically. As scenes from Psycho flashed before me I turned on the light and looked in and saw a baby possum. Not just any baby possum the same one that greeted me beside my cats outside my door when I returned from the cruise on Friday night (see there is a Sea Sock Cruise tie in). Yes, my cat's are not much in the way of rodent hunting. I could tell you the one about the field mouse with a nasty attitude that scared my cats off one night.

Jeez, how and when did it get in there? It was a really warm day yesterday (90's) and I had all the doors open and I guess he made his way up the steps and made himself at home, in the bathtub. I'm afraid there won't be any pictures of this one to share, after all it was 5am and I had other things to attend to like how to get him out of my tub. Well I put on my new gardening gloves and got an old dishtowel and draped the towel over him so he and I wouldn't get too freaked out. Then I gently picked him up and placed him outside where he belongs and went back to bed where I belonged.

I will upload the few photos I took on the cruise tonight and post about that and any other animal encounters that might happen between now and then.

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Iris G said...

It's quite amazing... why did he go into the bathtub? But wait, now I remember that I once had a little snake sliding into my bedroom at 9 p.m., and after several hours of searching I got him with a plastic bag, and set him free. That was a really warm day, too--well over 90's.