Saturday, June 30, 2007

~~~ Dueling Stoles ~~~

Cue the theme from Deliverance ;-) Yes, I'm working on both the French French Trellis and the Mystery Stole at the same time. I well they are taking their turns I don't think I can replicate the part of the Deliverance theme where the banjos are playing at the same time {grin}.

Last night marked milestones on both projects. Frenchie has one more leaf insertion repeat to go before the last border begins,

and MS3 ~ Chart A (50 rows) completed.

I am loving this pattern! It's challenting enough to keep me interested and the non-patterned wrong side allows a nice pause and keeps it moving a long nicely. As of this moment I am on row 57 and should have Chart B (100 rows) Clue 1 completed and maybe even repeat 18 and starting the last border on Frenchie tomorrow. I still need to cast on for the mate to the Donna's Favorite Feathered Ribbed sock.

Mystery Stole 3 theme guesses continue and so far my 2 favorites are:
  • Mortica from Addams Family
  • Taj Majal

Here's a picture of the felted Moebius Jester/Tentacle bag from Cat Bordhi's book last year.
I call this my Morticia Bag. Made with Cascade 220 in Jett Black with antique pewter buttons for accent.

Well, back to some chores and knitting. I'll post again tomorrow with more pictures.


Iris G said...

I see that this MS3 is wildly popular now, although it really looks challenging. Your WIP is just lovely as always.

Lauren said...

Your lace work is incredible. I have such trouble as my yarn seems to slip off my needles!