Saturday, June 02, 2007

A weekend for completions

I am completing two projects today and well onto a third.

The Ostrich Plume Stole is being blocked as I write this and the Habu Linen and Silk Shoulder bag is being stitched up.

Here's a detail of the stitch pattern while blocking.
I LOVE it!!! I'll take it up tomorrow morning and do a final photo shoot and put together my project page for this one.

Some stats on this one .... 5 balls of Habu Kasuri Silk Tweed in the Yellow colorway. Colonial Rosewood circular knitting needles in US6 (down a needle size from the pattern). These needles have a nice pointy tip that worked fine for this pattern. I ended up doing 12 repeats instead of the 9 for the stole to get the length with the slightly smaller gauge. Finished dimensions 19" wide (just under the 20") and 70" (just under the 72") in the pattern. I used the smaller needle size so I could keep some stitch definition but not close up the pattern too much. Very pleased with the results.

I will finish up sewing on the Habu Linen and Silk Shoulder bag and take final pictures tomorrow. This was a fun and mindless knitting project that I really enjoyed and know I'll enjoy using the bag as well.
I'm still not completely decided on if I should line it or not.... I do have material for lining but will probably try using it as is before deciding either way.

More later ....

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