Monday, August 20, 2007

What I did on my summer vacation

I had the best summer vacation. August 2 - 10th I went to Seattle.

Spent time with family and friends in one of my favorite cities Seattle.

Had plenty of time to hang out with my sister Annette and her husband Mark.
I'm on the left and she's in the foreground on the right.

I was able to spend a couple days with my mom which was great and she even suprised me with a request for a shawl which I'll tell you about tommorrow.

My sister and her husband have a wonderful home just a block and a half off of Lake Washington near Steward Park.
These were paddling by as we walked down to the pits and park where the vendors were the whole weekend. One of the reasons I went up when I did is because of Sea Fair (hydroplane races) On Friday, after a wonderful breakfast, we spent the morning down there watching the Red Baron do arial acrobatics and the amazing Blue Angels do their thing.

Another shot from the point near the pits and the park. On Sea Fair Saturday my sister and her husband have a open house and it was great seeing friends and having a great time.

On Sunday friends invited us down to the marina to have a picnic and watch the arieal show again.

Other things Annette and I got to do was see the Kubota Japanese Gardens which were beautiful and I got loads of great pictures.

Seattle Underground

The other big thing we were able to do for the first time was to take the Seattle Underground Tour which was really fun (and touristy).

Pioneer Square Glass Gazebo

Skylights. These were installed when the street level was raised creating the 'underground' and even after all this time they do an incredible job of providing light. You can see due to the mineral content in this 'antique' glass combined with sun (yes they do see the sun sometimes) they've turned a very pretty purple.
Antique and bookstore from the underground.
The tour was a little pricey and very touristy but fun and worth the 90 mins of brief Seattle history.
hmmm, knitting content. Well I did finish my Little Bunny Foo Foo Monkey's and started the Footzey Foo Monkeys as well and worked on the Icarus while on vaca. See previous post for pics. Tomorrow I'll share my newest and highest priority project of the moment.
Hope you all are having the best Summer.

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Iris G said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful vacation! I love Seattle too, especially when it is sunny like this!