Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I feel a contest coming on

Coming Soon ... A Contest!

Well, I'm here working on my Honeybee stole and Traveling Pumpkin Vine socks and they don't look much different than the last set of pictures. Ok, the second sock does look different than the start of the toe section but you know what I mean. I was emailing a friend (waves to blogless Brooke) and she sparked an idea for a contest.

The basic idea is I would love to have pictures of the wonderful projects my customers have made. Concept ... you submit pictures of your projects made with the yarns or patterns purchased from The Knitting Hutch and for each photo you will have an entry in the drawing.
There will be 3 or more prizes drawn and yes some (if not all) of the prizes will be yarn and they will be great. I will be working out the details over the next week or two and posting here as well as sending a special newsletter.

So watch this space or if you're on my mailing list for the newsletter for details and date for the drawing. In the meantime start taking pictures of your projects both completed and in progress. No projects yet... well get shopping and get busy ;-)

New Book - New Pathways for Sock Knitters

I just got this one today from I love Cat's designs ... she is a friggin genius!
However, I'm not sure how I'll take to this but I am willing explore where she's going with full trust. She didn't fail to enthral me with the Mobeius and her concise directions for knitting in the round with 2 circs which is the staple of my circular knitting diet.

My first glance through this confirmed what I had read on Ravelry and KR; that this isn't something you read, pickup and start knitting in 10 minutes but really needs to be approached methodically and trusting fully in her guidance. That said, I want to wait to start this adventure until after I've cleared the decks of some of the WIPs laying around my family room. Truth be told I really, really like my no thinking about it toe up sock recipe with plug and play patterning on the instep and leg and part of me isn't sure how I'll take to a very new way of approaching sock knitting.

Cat does show us that there is a different way of defining the 'parts' or 'anatomy' of a sock but not a total paradigm shift as I had expected and that's OK. The other thing about the book I noticed is there are nice detailed instructions and tips/tricks; there are toe up as well as cuff down methods but again with a twist; and the best is it recognises that there are 3 types of sock knitters (dpns, 2 circs, or 1 long circ) and each pattern has instructions/guidance for all three. I can't believe with everything that is covered in this book that this is the first of a set of 3 (again she is amazing). So, if you feel you're in a sock knitting rut or just like a little challenge and love to try something new I would recommend this highly. Believe me ... I will share my experiences with the projects in this book when I do them.

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