Monday, October 22, 2007

Halfway and beyond

This weekend marked not only reaching the halfway point on my 2 current projects OTN but getting just a little beyond.

Honeybee Stole - I reached the summit (aka first half) which is worked from the center back to the right border. Then on Saturday morning with plenty of natural light I picked up the provisional crochet cast on stitches and was ready to work my way down the other side of this hill. Tonight I should finish the 2nd of 7 repeats in the first section.

Here's a couple pictures of this with the dress that I have planned to wear for Thanksgiving.

I bought it while on a site visit to Big Sur for the Lace in the Woods '08 retreat. It was on sale at The Phoenix which is a wonderful shop at Nepenthe. Not only did I know this dress would be perfect but it was on sale too!
Speaking of Lace in the Woods '08. Spots are filling up so if you're thinking about joining us for a lace knitting frenzy with Anne, Miriam, Susan and Cookie you might want to sign up now.
I also have someone interested in sharing a cottage to split the cost of lodging. Info here...
Traveling Pumpkin Vine Socks - One down and another started
On Saturday night I finished the first sock and Sunday morning immediately cast on for the mate. Love this pattern from More Sensational Knitted Socks. It has enough going on to keep you interested but memorizable too.
No full frontal shots until the mate is done ;-)
For the cuff I did the recommended k1p1 rib for 11 rows and finished it off with a picot bind off.
I love the frilly picot which won't be that frilly when worn. I think this detail works well with the movement of the pattern in the sock. Tonight I'll be finishing up the first repeat of the instep on the mate so these should be ready in time for Halloween next week with no problem.

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