Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yep, I'm sewing again

My other hobby is coming back.

It's been awhile but I've started sewing again. I learned to sew in 1972 when I was 11, about the same time I learned to knit. For Christmas that year I received an old but refurbished singer sewing machine. Here it is... isn't it cute! I love that machine. I was a very simple, basic machine that basically only went forward and backwards with the the only thing you could vary was the stitch length... but I love it. Ok, so finally after 36 years I decided it was time to pass the love along to the next generation. It's been recently serviced, cleaned and I gave it along with a lot of sewing paraphernalia and material for Christmas to my niece's daughter. Yep, I'm an enabler ;-) She love it too and I have visitation privs.

So, I treated myself this Christmas, 36 years later to a brand spanking new sewing machine.
It's a Brother XR7700 with 110 stitch functions. Wow, that's 110x more than my 1 stitch wonder. I've only played with some of the stitches and haven't tried the button hole stitches yet but it is fantastic.

and I've completed the very first full project on it last weekend.

Amy Butler Frenchy Bag

I've recently discovered this sewing and fabric designer and love her work.
This is some fabric I've had for well over 15 years and used the Frenchy bag pattern.
Very fun and versatile bag to use as a general purpose purse or of course knitting bag.
It is fully lined with 2 pocket flaps which in this bag function more like a center pocket.
The pattern has you putting a magnetic snap closure but I am fresh out of those and need to order some. The next one I will put one in as well as one to close the pocket(s) too.

Just like with my knitting I have a queue of projects lined up that I want to do.
Someday I'll be brave and take some pictures of the sewing room and share them here.

Well, That's it for today and now back to my sock in progress and The Daily Show.

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