Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Project Update Monday...ummm Tuesday

Well guess I missed posting project updates yesterday so here goes.
The Sock A Week project(s) is going very well. I finished my 3rd sock of 08 on Sunday night and I'll cast on it's mate tonight. I am really enjoying the color and pattern on this project. This was made with Valentine's Day in mind but I think it could do holiday double duty as a Christmas sock as well. Candy cane anyone?
In Large Knitting Project News. Sonnet is also progressing nicely. I am well into the left front which will complete the body of the sweater and onto the sleeves. I think I'll change things a little and knit the sleeves in the round to eliminate the seam as well as making them a little slimmer. We'll see.

gratuitous closeup ;-)
Don't you just love these turtle buttons?
knit side to side ... right front and back.
On Saturday Michelle stopped by for a knitting lesson and we started her on the Saartje's Bootees which I've been enamored with for some time. That afternoon I had to start one and did according to the pattern (which is well written). I'll post more on this tomorrow. Once I take and upload some pictures.
Another knitting related project.
Last weekend I was itching to try my hand at making stitch markers and I happened to have what I needed on hand. A bead kit (never opened) and some stitch markers I purchased on etsy.com.
Inspiration piece bought as a set of 5 on etsy.

Single I made with beads and head pin had on hand.
Set of 5 I made again with what I had on hand.
I have to say this was so much fun I ordered a bunch of head pins and beads to do a whole lot more. You just might see some added to the shop.

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