Thursday, February 07, 2008

Did I mention I don't like roller coasters?

Yes, I hate roller coasters... both literal and figurative coasters.
For me major stresses in life is like a figurative roller coaster ride and I get sick on roller coasters. For the past month we've been faced with a 10% layoff at work and this is the week notices are going out. I hope to make it through the end of tomorrow. Even if I do make it I will still feel badly for those who will be gone. Other things are also becoming stressful as well. Sales are down right now which is to be expected right after the holidays and we still need at least 10 more people to join us at Lace in the Woods to break even. Then of course it's tax time and that's always stressful for everyone. I really not usually so down and am typically a very optomistic person so I'll end this with 'This to shall pass' and move on now.
Now back to our regularly scheduled knitting content...
The Sonnet Sweater Sleeve (release 2). Ok I know I spent some 'quality' knitting time during the Super Bowl working on this and was past what would be the elbow. Maybe if I hadn't of had that beer and then that glass of wine I would have stopped myself sooner. With another look at it on Monday I realized I really didn't like the way it was turning out at all. So I threw it aside and cast on version 2. This one I am knitting flat instead of in the round and I cast on 44 stitches making it a little wider than version 1 which was too narrow. As usual I thought I was being cleaver in my modification but in reality I was overthinking it. I am really happy with this version and I'm already to the elbow. I'm hoping to have this sleeve done this weekend and onto the second sleeve (after I frog sleeve 1 version 1).

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EGunn said...

I hate roller coasters,'s really too bad that there are so many of them in life. I am so tempted by the Lace in the Woods, and I'd love to help, but it's far away and a lot of money for me to spend on a hobby. I promise that I will continue to be tempted, and there's no telling where that might lead. =)

I love your sweater sleeve! The colors are beautiful. I can't wait to see how it comes out.