Monday, June 02, 2008

Back in Action

... well mostly.

On May 1st I drove with my kitty up to our new home in Washington state while all my belongings made it up with the movers. It was a nice drive with perfect weather and I was so, so glad I had the forethought to take miss Fifi to the vets to get kitty sedatives for the drive. This helped both of us retain our sanity (grins). She is adjusting very well to her new environs and quite content to have me home all the time. Yes, I'm still pounding the Internet for a job up here and not having the kind of luck I was hoping. It really has only been 4 months next week but it is discouraging. Wishing I could make a living doing what I love but I'll keep at it while looking for a job to support my knitting habit.

Knitting. I have been knitting more now that I've settled in and no longer preparing for a big move. I've finished up 3 pair of socks that were in progress. Icarus is done and beautiful and I'm in the middle of completing the border on the Spider's Web Fichu Shawl from Victorian Lace Today. This week I'll devote a posting to each of these with pictures. I've also found a great group of women to knit with here in Marysville that meet every Tuesday night.

During the drive from CA to WA I had plenty of time to think about the shop and whether or not to finish closing it down or keep it going but in a new direction. I really enjoy running this little knitting shop on the web and the customers I get to know even if it is virtual. What I've decided is to keep The Knitting Hutch going but to refine the focus to specializing in yarns and kits from Habu Textiles and knitting needles from Hiya Hiya as well as some select accessories. The first shipment from Habu arrived last Thursday and is already going out very quickly. I will be placing another order with them tomorrow. This shippment was to restock a few colors of the Tsumugi Silk, kusha kusha scarf kit, a couple of the purse kits and a new shippo tail scarf kit. This next order will include more scarf kits and favorite silk and cotton yarns. I'm thinking about doing a weekly post spotlighting one of their yarns or kits with reviews and project ideas.

You will still see some non Habu items in the shop and these are or will be reduced for close out.

Check out the remaining Claudia Hand Painted Mohair and small loop Boucle at 45% off!

Well that's all for now and promise to not go so long before posting again.

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EGunn said...

Welcome to WA! Where are you living, and what kind of job are you looking for? I'm afraid I don't know much about the area job market, but I have been in Seattle for 5 years...