Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Projects Finished and Projects Started

Thought I'd share with you a project completely finished and another started.

French Trellis Scarf - Finis
I cast this one on last Sept (07) and stalled when I came to the final knit on border.
While finishing the Spider's-Web Fichu I finally broke through the single knitted on border block and came back to this project while it was fresh in my mind. This was a fun project from Victorian Lace Today. Here's some stats.
Yarn: Habu Kusaki-Zome A-4 2/10 (3 balls)
Needles: US5
Blocked this yesterday afternoon and pulled up this morning... Love it!
The color in the center pic is a little closer to the actual color.

Gisela Sweater - Started

So with this done I just had to cast on a new project especially since my Habu order for the shop came in and this yummy cotton gima (fake linen) was waiting for the Gisela pattern that came last week..... how's that for a terribly long run on sentence.

I am using 4 balls of the Smoke (pink) color and am making the largest size using US8's since it seems to run quite small. Cast on last night and already finishing up the left front. Very quick knit.

New Arrivals at The Knitting Hutch

Speaking of new things in the shop. My order from Habu arrived first thing yesterday morning and I spent most of the day doing related tasks to receive it in and get it up on the website. In this shipment was...

  • Bunches of the Cotton Gima in 5 (now 4) colors for the Gisela pattern
  • More of the Tsumugi Silk
  • Kusaki Zome Silk ... see above fini project... in several colors
  • Restock of Silk Mohair
  • Kusha Kusha and Shippo Tail scarf kits ... which won't last long.
  • Along with a couple Habu Patterns (Feather & Fan Scarf and Cotton Gima Sweater)

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