Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What's Happening

I am attempting to be more consistent in my blogging and my goal is to blog every weekday.
To help with this I am trying out a theme for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays entries.

Monday - General musings about knitting projects and life.
Wednesday - Featured Project (mine or Habu inspired).
Friday - Future Plans where I'll share projects I'll be starting as well as what is on the way to The Knitting Hutch.

I'm hoping that with a little structure it will help keep me blogging regularly.
I'll also be sharing what I worked on last night just about everyday as well.

Last Night's Knitting and Featured Project -
Gisela Sweater by Cocoknits using Habu Cotton Gima.

(see this at The Knitting Hutch)

Ok it is cheating a little since I already introduced this project before but I promise to be better prepared next week. Last night just about completed the back of this sweater and will easily finish the back tonight. Since I started by knitting the fronts this will leave the sleeves, sewing and blocking. This is a quick and enjoyable project and will be perfect for Summer evenings .

I planned for using 4 balls of the Habu Cotton Gima but looks like 3 should do it. I'll save the "What I've Learned" for the final post for this project.

Gisela on Ravelry

Check back with ya tomorrow

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