Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday's Thoughts

Okay, Let's jump right into it ...

Last Night's Knitting

More work on the Gisela Sweater with most of the left sleeve done and right one left to knit.
Wow, this is going to get really tedious. I do like the design of the sleve with a little slit of 3 to 3.5" at the lower outside edge. Rather than knitting the small 10 stitch section separate from the larger section and then join them when reaching the required length I knit them both at the same time and joined. This way I knew the row count and tension/gauge were exactly the same. Tonight I should finish up this sleeve and start on the right one.

Finishing thoughts ... I posted in the Cocoknits group on Ravelry asking if those who've done this one blocked and if so before or after sewing together. One response was that they blocked and before sewing and a lite block after assembly. My reason for asking is that the pattern, unlike most, makes no mention of blocking and when it should be done if at all. The other was that the shoulder 'seams' are live on holders and is unusual (for me) to have when blocking. In my opinion this one really does need a good and very agressive blocking session. So I'll go for it and use the stitches on the holders to help in the blocking, and maybe a light one after sewing as well.

Speaking of sewing this together I think I'll to a crochet seam on this one like I did for my Habu Shoulder bag. I love this method for this papery yarn and it gives a clean, serged like edge. Plus it's really easy and quick... just a series of single crochets joining each piece.
On the Job Front. Thought I'd let you all know how this is coming along, or not as the case may be. As you know in February of this year I was laid off from Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and moved to north of Seattle, WA on May 1st. Since the 2nd week of Feb I've been looking aggressively for a Reemdy Administration/Development and Oracle Development positino in CA or WA then in May narrowed my search to the Seattle area. I am registered on at least 6-8 job boards and can't tell you how many applications/resume submissions to job postings I've done to date. I have received numerous nibbles of interest and a handfull of phone/in-person interviews but no offers yet. (note optomisim in the "yet") Today alone I've submitted my resume for 6 jobs in the Seattle area. I also might hear next week if I will be asked back for another interview for a position with company in the insurance industry. Ok, so there's the latest and all positive job vibes welcome here.
Knit on ya'll

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Romi said...

Gisela is looking great!

I'm sending all the good job juju I can muster. Go get 'em!