Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Proof is in the vest

Ok, here's proof that I actually finished the Simply Van Gogh vest.I am not a vest person but this might change my mind about that. This project actually changed my mind on a few things.
Such as... Garter is beautiful and 3 needle bind of on the right side is cool.

Love it! It's already been worn to knitting night on Monday.

Worked on the Magically Lacy Wrap but will wait to post pics when it's done.

Twittering ~ I've joined the Twitter world. How fun is this. You not only put up quick posts (tweets) with what you're doing but you can follow your favorite people. I currently am following my fav political pundits, politicians as well as knitting friends. You can find me on twitter here.
Blondechick turned me on to fabric slipper patterns/tutorials at Sew,Mama,Sew's blog.

Aren't these the cutest flip flops/thongs? You can find a really good tutorial for these on LadyHarvatine's blog
Just wish that all my sewing stuff wasn't buried in the storage unit.
Might have to get some fat squares and go down to my sisters and have a sewing day.

For tonight there will be more knitting on the magically lacy wrap and some yummy pasta for dinner.

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