Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

I know it's supposed to be Yarn Review Wednesday but I'll be a day late this time.

Just a quick post to wish you a Happy Earth Day.

So what am I doing for Earth Day?
I set up a soaker hosed through the front flower bed which will save water (and time) and ordered this.

Winged Weeder Jr. My sister brought hers on Sunday to use to help weed the above mentioned flower bed. Rips right through those shallow rooted weeds. This is the short handled (12") but they also have a long handled version as well. I purchased mine through Amazon - here's the Winged Weeder web site.

The weather isn't the best today so don't think I'll do any knitting in the yard but will finish up the project for the next Yarn Review tonight and promise to share tomorrow.

How are you spending Earth Day?

and as always ....

Enjoy your knitting!

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