Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Italian Quake and knitting

My thoughts and prayers are with those effected by yesterday's quake and remaining aftershocks in central Italy. The loss of life and devastation is just heart wrenching and my heart goes out to them. I was raised and lived most of my life in the SF Bay Area and experienced the impact of the '89 Loma Prieta quake so know a little what they must be going through. Jumping at the least, little aftershock while picking up all the pieces (literally and figuratively). Never being able to look at freeway overpasses the same again.

Someone on Ravelry posted a link to a news article about a 98 year old grandmother who was buried in her home for 30 hours and passed the time by knitting. I think I know one of her secret to longevity. She deals with stress extremely well is all I can say. I would have been pacing the floor and unable to knit 1 stitch. Bravisimo, Maria D'Antuono!!!

Let's take some time out today and send good thougths and prayers while we take up our needles tonight.

Tomorrow, back to our bi-weekly yarn review post.

and as always ....

Enjoy your knitting!

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