Friday, April 17, 2009

On The Needles Friday

Dueling socks in process

Before I tell you about them I received a comment from Kathleen. She added to the list of reasons to love knitting socks. The Applause Factor or what I call The Wow Factor. She is so right about this. People are fascinated by the idea and process of knitting socks and you can impress them the magic of sock knitting. As she mentioned people also love getting them for gifts too. Thanks Kathleen for adding this to the list.

I have 2 socks on the needles right now. I'm using sample yarns from dyers that will be in the shop very soon and think you will love too.

The first one is from an indie dyer here in Washington state. Loving this one. Starting with the lovely sock weight yarn with a nice tight twist (the way I like it). Then the colorway blew me away with all it's tweedyness. I will be bringing in this colorway along with 3 others from this dyer in the next 2-3 weeks.
I had to restrain myself from winding it immediately into a ball just long enough to take the above picture. Then directly to the swift and ball winder it went and it became this...

Then with the needles and the perfect pattern in hand I cast on and knitted the leg of a sock.
Tonight I'll do the heel flap and gusset so it can catch up with the other sock in progress.
This one comes from a more well known dyer that is well loved and I couldn't resist bringing it in as well. The order shipped yesterday and I will have it up in the shop next weekend.

This yarn is a joy to knit with. Very squishy and perfect twist with deep color tones. Good thing I don't have a shortage of US1 16" circs for socks. I selected a pattern I've been wanting to knit for quite some times and thought worked with this colorway perfectly. I'll share the details when the yarn goes up next weekend. It is currently at the gusset decrease and moving along nicely.
So that's my current knitting projects for the weekend. Hoping the weather cooperates so I can do some yard work and knitting outside.
What's on your needles?
Enjoy your weekend and of course ...
Enjoy your knitting!

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Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Gorgeous colors for both socks! Those will be wonderful on your feet :-)