Monday, May 07, 2007

Next stop ... Sea Sock Cruise

Warning High Photo Counts Ahead

There were knitters... lots and lots of knitters (nearly 90) ....

.... San Francisco, Victoria, a tea shop with way too many dolls, towel animal amusement, and of course classes on color theory and sock knitting.

The Golden Gate Bridge

The dolls of Blethering Place
This was a quaint little tea house in Oak Bay, Victoria reminiscent of the old English tea houses of the 30's and 40's

Leaving Victoria for Vancouver

Elephant towel animal ... there was also monkey hanging in our room but that pic didn't turn out. The cabin steward would create towel animals for us each night

This was my Color Theory Project lead by Mama E. I really enjoyed this class and find that I will be using this a lot in my projects.

Later I will post the knitting project I worked on while on the cruise as well as my yarn booty.

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