Monday, June 18, 2007

What I did this weekend

French Trellis... progress is being made. I am on repeat 7 of 16 in the lace insert (body) and this is going much faster. I'm hoping to get to the bottom border some time this weekend.

On Saturday I was invited to an Alpaca Shearing party. This was a lot of work but also a lot of fun. I of course came home with a full fleece to be processed and spun. Oh, did I mention I've never ever spun anything before. I'm looking for recommendations for a nice spinning wheel because I have a feeling there is quite a bit of spinning in my future. My photo album from this alpaca love fest can be found here.

New Item - LoRan Magnetic Boards and Magnifying Ruler. Wow!!! This makes following lace charts and any knitting charts so much easier. I have to send a bigh Thank You!!! to my friend Brooke for mentioning these. They are now in stock at The Knitting Hutch and can be purchased individually or as a kit with a project pouch set.

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Iris G said...

Thank you for the wonderful photos! The alpacas are adorable. I haven't tried spinning so far although I really want to! Good luck with your hunting for a perfect spinning wheel;-).