Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Milestone Monday

Ok, I know it's Tuesday but late last night I hit two knitting project milestones.
One major and one small but a milestone none the less.

Honeybee Stole ~ 50%
Last night I finally hit the halfway mark on this project. I love this project!
Each section has really challenged me and once I get into the rhythm of that section it's time to start on a new one and get into the groove of that one. I've knit lace with subtle and and sporadic patterning on the 'wrong side' but this is the first one with virtually equal patterning on both sides. Even though it seems like this is taking me longer than the other lace projects I've done I really like taking my skills to the next level and the end product is so worth it.
Tonight I will be picking up stitches from the provisional cast on and starting it all over again for the other side of this amazing stole. It was late when I reached this 'milestone' and not ideal lighting for taking a photo but I will take one this weekend. I'll even do one with it cozying up with the dress that I think is a perfect match.

Traveling Pumpkin Vine Socks ~ A heel has turned
Yesterday morning I had the first sock toe and instep all done (4 repeats.... love having a size 5.5 foot) and ready to start the short row heel. I knew this would be perfect to take with me to my eye appointment to start the heel while waiting for my eye exam. Just as expected I was able to easily do complete the first half of the heel before they called me in and last night sailed through reversing the short row up the back side of the heel... I even started the first repeat of the leg pattern. Love this yarn (Socks That Rock , colorway (Rocky Horror) and the pattern (Traveling Vine). This is a really quick one that I shouldn't have a problem finishing in time for Halloween.
Since a turned heel isn't that terribly photo worthy I'll wait until this one is done for the next photo op.

All for now I guess.

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