Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New Things

This is going to be a little image heavy post. Thought I'd catch you up on the new things here at Chez Knitting Hutch ..

UPS was good to me yesterday and today.

New Books and Calendar

Today I received my latest Amazon order with 3 goodies.
2 books (A Gathering Of Lace and Lace Style) - I'll post my thoughts on these later this week.
and then a knitting daily calendar - 365 Knitting Stitches a Year.

I've been looking for the perfect knitting calendar for the past couple years and have been underwhelmed. Now I think I've found it!!! It's stitches and only stitches... no other items of the day that you don't want. For me this will be the perfect inspiration for sock stitch patterns.
I typically use my favorite toe up method for socks and plug in what I feel is the perfect stitch pattern for the color. The other fantastic thing about this daily calendar is that it's perpetual.
No year or day of week so it can be used indefinitely.

New Socks on the needles.

Speaking of socks.... I have a New sock on the needles.
Traveling Pumpkin Vines Socks.

A couple of weeks ago in a weak moment I was on the Blue Moon Fiber Arts website
looking at all their colors for lightweight sock yarns and I saw it!!!
Rocky Horror!!! I have been waiting for them to bring this one back for awhile now and here it is. A fun combination of oranges and browns.... Perfect for Halloween or Thanksgiving (Ok all of Fall) socks. Another reason I had to have this one is during my Senior year of High School ('79) I went to the midnight showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show every weekend with friends.
So you see I HAD to have this one.

Last night I was looking through my More Sensational Knitted Socks book for a 4 or 8 stitch pattern for this on and found the Traveling Vines pattern and just seemed perfect for this pumpkiny colorway. I love it... what do you think. I'm already halfway through the instep on the first sock and it's zooming along nicely. Shouldn't have any problem having these done in time for Halloween ;-)

New progress on the Honeybee Stole. I have been faithfully (until last night, see above) working on this one since I started it 3 weeks ago. I'm on the 3rd repeat of 5 in the Bee and Honeycomb section with the border remaining. Then I'll pick up the stitches held by the provisional cast-on and do it all again for the other side. This should be done in time for Thanksgiving with a little time to spare.

Oh, and I also ordered the Grinchy colorway too. What can I say... that is my all time favorite Christmas movie ever. I'll share that one when it jumps on the needles after a few other things are completed (see above and below).

New Honeybee Stole progress

Close up of the Bee and Honeycomb section below.

Closeup of the Bee Swarm section
(It'll look like something after it's blocked I'm sure.

New Products at The Knitting Hutch

UPS delivery yesterday was great.... Habu and Frog Tree

The Habu delivery included not only restocks of a couple colors of Tsumugi Silk and the Silk Lunch Bag kits but some new yarns and kits as well.
New Yarns - A-25 Chenille Cork and A-107 Feather Moire
I ordered these for a customer who's using them together to make a wedding shawl.
New Kits - Kusha Kusha Scarf Kit in assorted colorways. This is a fun felted wool and silk stainless steel scarf. If you've ever wanted to try the Habu silk stainless steel this is a perfect way to play with this yarn by Habu.

Have a wonderful week

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