Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Projects, projects and more projects.

Honeybee has landed. As planned I finished my honeybee stole last Thursday evening and when I returned home on Sunday I washed and blocked it. I took some not terribly pretty pictures of it being blocked but of course they are still in my camera and not uploaded yet. I'll do that tonight and edit to add. While blocking I found 2 boo boo's. They are both in the last section and on both ends and strangely in roughly the same row... don't know what was going on there. When I carefully lift it from being blocked I'll fix them and we'll be off for our first flight of the honeybee tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I'll also post photos either tomorrow or Friday of it during the fix and ready for it's debut along with the summation and review of this latest project. How's that for a few mixed metaphors ;-)

Hypotenuse happenings. I took this with me this weekend to Sacramento to work on and it's over the halfway point. This really is the perfect project for the last minute (week or so) holiday gift. Looks like I should have this one ready for blocking this weekend which will leave me free to focus on the Juno Regina stole which I haven't worked on since the initial cast on and repeats. More pictures coming soon.

More Projects ...
Oh, and I cast on the Grinchy Grouchy socks... I couldn't help myself... pics later this week.

Things have been pretty busy at The Knitting Hutch. I swear the Habu kits are going out as quickly as they come in and sometimes faster than they come in. These really are great kits and I enjoy making them too. I'm hoping to catch up on the New Arrivals page this weekend in between starting to decorate for Christmas and of course a little knitting.

Thanksgiving Day plans. Each year we rotate who will be hosting which holiday and this year it is my niece Samantha and her husband David's turn for Thanksgiving. This is great
as it means less driving (they live in Hollister too) and less cooking (well, not really since her oven is on the fritz and I'll be cooking that for her). I'll also be making my family's favorite carrots with bacon and fresh cranberry sauce. Check back tomorrow for pictures and recipes. I'll also be watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. This along with spending time with my family and eating is what makes the day fun. I really enjoy this time of year and the opportunity to stop and reflect on everything that the year has brought so far. Some good and some not so good but there's always something to be found in all of these to be thankful for... to be continued tomorrow.

What are your plans for the Turkey (or Turkey substitute) Day?

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