Thursday, December 20, 2007

USPS is the Best!

I swear I have the best USPS letter carrier. He really does go above and beyond the call of duty. Look at all the boxes of boxes he carried up to my front porch. That same night he called me at home to update me on the status of a shipment trace I put on a package sent to a customer. I didn't realize they did the trace inquires too. This is why all my shipments go USPS Priority Mail. So I have a Starbucks $20.00 gift card for him tomorrow.

Grinchy Goodness ~

Grinchy Shawl. Oh how happy I am with this!
It really is so quick and simple (once you get the hang of knitting with really loopy yarn).
Started with 7 stitches. 3 border stitches and a center stitch. Then garter stitch (like you'd see any pattern with this yarn) and on every other row did a yarn over after border, either side of the center stitch and a final one before the last 3 border stitches. That's it! For the edge I knew I wanted something kinda frilly and freeform-ish so I did a modified frilled bind off.
Standard Frilled Bind Off - k1, * m1, bind off, k1 bind off * (repeat from * to*).
My modification: I repeated the m1, bind off 1 - 3 times randomly to get an exaggerated frillyness.

Here it is before it's bath and blocking.

Here's it's closeup.

Grinchy Grouchy Sock - 1 down and turning the heel on the second one tonight.
Here it is reclining on the Grinchy Shawl.

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