Monday, January 14, 2008

Short and sweet Monday

First order of business comment answers.

On Thursday Mere asked
"... How/where did you get your project tracker? ..."
If you are already on Ravelry there is a very, very long discussion thread where you can asked to be added to the beta group trying this out, get tips on how to install and customize it, and see what others have done. Basically cut and paste some Java code that you are given and if you know Java can customize. There is also a really good wiki on this there as well. I really like this as it means only one place to update the status of my projects and photos. If you're not already on Ravelry... sign up today! The waiting list I hear isn't too bad now.

Sock a Week and Big Project Updates:

SaW - Well, so far I'm keeping up. I finished my second sock (Ebony Baby Fern) on Sunday and cast on the Dexter's Canvas Sock. I'll post photo's of the sock in progress later this week along with the details.

Big Project - I have 6 more rows of the body left which I'll finish up easily this week. However, this might be taking a little nap while searching for the right beads for the border. The beads I have for this I don't think will work and I'm not totally happy with them for this project. So, I'll be bringing another big project out of hibernation in the next day or two.

That's it for now... exciting updates on the Lace in the Woods retreat tomorrow

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