Thursday, January 10, 2008

Time for a reality check

You might notice over there on the left where normally there are a zillion WIPs that there are only 2 now. I thought it was time to be honest with myself (and Ravelry) and acknowledge that in fact I only have 2 projects that I am actively working on. A sock project (Weekly sock a week KAL) and a larger project such as a shawl. Well, at least this is my goal for 2008. The other 'WIP's are still around; they are just taking a siesta while waiting patiently for their turn in the Active Knitting Basket or the Active Knitting Bag. The Basket will hold my current larger project while the Bag will hold my more portable current sock project.

This is my new Active Knitting Basket. I found it while browsing some antique stores in Moss Landing and fell in love with it. It even came supplied with ever useful safety pins ;-).

My current large project is still the Spider's-Web Shawl from Victorian Lace Today which is moving along very nicely.

So, what about my knitting bag... well pictures coming tomorrow and it's contents is still the Ebony Baby Fern socks; which I am on schedule to complete by Sunday!!!

Since the socks and shawl are nearing completion what will be taking their place?
Well, no problem there. The next socks in line will be the Dexter's Canvas V-Day socks (still looking for the perfect pattern and more catchy name). And for the larger project?
I will try to be more disciplined this year and only work on projects that I've already started and nothing new unless I need it for a gift. So, the next one will be the Sonnet Sweater (photo shoot this weekend). The body of this is over 3/4 completed and that just leaves the sleeves.
I would love to have this one done in time to wear to Stitches West the last weekend in Feb (yes, 2008).

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mere said...

Hey Jackie! How/where did you get your project tracker? I can't see it on Ravelry.