Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Fun

Here we are at the end of another week with the weekend ahead. Good time to make plans for finishing up projects and of course plan for (or start) a new one or two.

Last nights knitting ....
I did manage to finish up the left sleeve, but didn't get to starting the right sleeve. The reason was I was putting up a few items in the Dollar (and more) bin in the shop as well as compiling a knitting needle size conversion page which includes Japanese sizes. You can find this in the Helpful Stuff area of the shop. I know with patterns written in Japanese it is not easy to know what that size matches to in US/UK/Metric sizes so I thought I'd put it up for easy reference. Hope this is helpful... I know it will be for me.

Future plans ....

Finishing up - Tonight I will be casting on and knitting the right sleeve of Gisela. Should have this done tomorrow night and then all that is left will be sewing, collar, and bands for the front. I've changed my mind on blocking before assembly since there is still some knitting (collar and bands) after sewing together. So I hope to wash and block sometime on Sunday.

New project(s) - The new KAL for Victorian Lace Today will be starting on Tuesday, July 1st and the project will be the Myrtle Leaf Shawl. I've already picked out some yarn from my stash. Claudia's Hand Painted Silk in John B.

I do have a sock project planned and hope to have done in time for entering into the county fair but we'll see. Not like I don't already have at least 5 projects I plan on entering . This will be the first time I've entered anything at a fair and am looking forward to it. I'll share which projects will be entered towards the end of next week.

Future for The Knitting Hutch
  • More pages in the Helpful Stuff related to Japanese and Lace knitting.
  • Just placed an order with Habu and know people are looking forward to this one.

Have a great weekend!

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