Tuesday, July 01, 2008

2fer Tuesday

Well, looks like I didn't get to posting yesterday so I'll have to do 2 posts in one.

Monday's Musings - a day late. The last week was fairly uneventful. Still applying for positions and getting calls from recruiters (and nothing yet). I am currently working with one on a couple openings in the area that look very interesting and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that one of them works out, but not holding my breath. Knitting projects are moving along with just needing to finish up the Sonnet and Gisela Sweaters with buttons on the Sonnet and left front band and final blocking for Gisela. Speaking of Gisela. If you are considering this project, which is a great one, be aware that it runs a little small so gauge is very, very, very important. I know I knit on the tight side but my gauge isn't that much smaller but the XLarge is closer to a Large. Next one I will be combining the Tsumugi silk with the Cotton Gima and stepping up the sizing a bit. There is a new project in progress - Myrtle Leaf Shawl from Victorian Lace Today. I this one on a day or so early to check my gauge and really am liking this one. The KAL for this starts today and I am looking forward to seeing every ones projects. Last week I also place another order with Habu for even more lovely yarns and kits for the shop, and they should be in middle of next week. Then I also located a source for a very exciting new knitting tool that I know we'll all love and I already use regularly. Another project I've been working on is helping my mom redo her front yard. She has/had lawn with 2 trees and that's it.
We're pulling out all of the lawn in front, creating 2 tiers and turning into a English Country Cottage style garden. So far there
are 3 Mountain Ash bushes in different colors, coral bells in 2 different colors and a white variegated dogwood. It will be really nice when it's done and I'll post pictures of it's progress. And like an idiot I forgot to take pictures of the before with all of the lawn. Oh well.
Last night's knitting - Over the weekend I washed and did the pre-assembly blocking of Gisela and then assembled on Sunday. Then picked up and knit the collar and one of the front bands. It just needs the final front band and a final, very aggressive blocking. Note on the front bands. To widen the front sides I've opted to double the band from a 5 row garter to a 10 row garter. There was also the start of the Myrtle Leaf Shawl. I said this was the swatch but really I just went ahead and started the pattern and was pleased with the gauge and stitch definition and set it aside for tonight's knitting. No knitting was done Monday night. Spent all afternoon and well into the evening at Group Health evaluating my GERD and making sure it wasn't something more serious, which it isn't, so wasn't up to much of anything last night.
Check back tomorrow.... knit on.

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