Wednesday, July 02, 2008

It's My Birthday!

Just thought I'd throw that out there ;-) Yep, 3 more years and I can join AARP... oh boy!
It really was just like any other day but still enjoyable. I did go over to the Seattle Premium Outlets to find an "Interview" outfit. Went to my 3 reliable shops and finally found something I really like. Navy, button fronted skirt, tailored white blouse and a necklace to bring them together. Very happy here... now for an interview or two, or three....

Anywho... onto Wednesday's Featured Project

Myrtle Leaf Shawl from Victorian Lace Today
This is the project for the Victorian Lace Today July 08 KAL. We were supposed to start this on Monday the 1st but .... I cast on for this one on Saturday evening under the premise that it was just a test to see if I liked the stitch definition and color placement. I liked so I kept it and put it aside until yesterday to play along with the non-rules of this KAL. I selected some Claudia Hand Painted Silk Lace in John B that I had in my stash that came from my shop. Using some vintage Susan Bates US5 circular needles that are pointy enough to make lace doable. I like this pattern even though it took a repeat for me to get into the rhythm of it and I can see how it might get a little monotonous.
Ok, That's it for today and knit on all.


Runningwave said...


That lace is wonderful. Love the colorway!!

Just a note to say that despite the collapse of Lace in the Woods, I kept my reservations at Big Sur Lodge.

I do think it was all fate, you know. We arrived on the Tuesday after a second wildfire began on the east side of the Santa Lucia mountains. The Big Sur Lodge was under voluntary evacuation. Hwy 1 was blocked from Big Sur to the south. The Lace in the Woods retreat may not have happened anyway.

My husband and I stayed a glorious night in our Big Sur cottage. We took a sunrise hike, had a brunch at the River Inn, took a mid-afternoon hike to the ridge tops. Then we came back and lounged at our cottage. We took one last hike up the ridge to Valley View. When we returned to the Lodge, all of the trails were blocked by yellow tape with signs indicating closure.

We asked the Lodge staff what's up thinking the worst about the wildfires. Sadly, the two fires had become one and the only way out is Hwy 1 North. We decided to leave and not stay the two remaining nights, but received a full refund from the Lodge. My husband's quip was, "When the Governator shows up in your movie, you know it's time to go." We heard that Gov. S. had visited the Big Sur firefighters that very day in their camp in Andrew Molera State Park. So we evacuated ourselves to Monterey, switching hotels each night since most places were well booked for the weekend. We ended up taking a sunset kayak trip at our favorite spot--Elkhorn Slough. Never a hardship to stay in Monterey. And now we know that Big Sur Lodge is wonderful. We are determined to go back! But, probably in the winter!!!

Hugs from
Maria in Maryland
aka runningwave in Ravelry

Toni said...

Happy belated birthday!!!!!!