Thursday, July 10, 2008

I promised pictures today

I thought I would share just a couple of birthday presents I received last week.
From my sister I got a couple cool craft/knitting related items.

Her friend made this cool craft/sewing pendant. I know I want to use some leftover tsumugi wrapped silk to hang it with but still not sure where exactly I want to showcase this.

Then she gave me this knitter's dream. A rolling knitting bag. Tons of room, tons of pockets and really great patterned fabric. But alas as noted on the tag 'Supplies Not Included'... bummer ;-)

A yarn only a mother could love .... and I use the term yarn very loosely (pun intended).
Actually it isn't too bad for my first attempt at this magic called spinning yarn. Hoping that I improve greatly with practice and glad I am using some inexpensive roving for this practice piece.
I do still envision a spinning wheel in my future.
Last Nights (and prior nights) Knitting... Here is proof that I am knitting a pair of socks right now. This is some Trekking XXL I purchased last May on the Sea Socks 07 Cruise in Victoria, BC. Love the muted, muddy colors and I selected the King Charles Brocade pattern for it from More Sensational Knitted Socks. The pattern does take a little extra attention and heavy reliance on knitting matras to get a rhythm. I am into the 4th repeat of the leg and this should be my preferred length and onto the heel. Gonna try the Eye of Partridge heel on this one for something different in a heel.
Ok now onto the job front.... I had the phone interview with the company I talked about yesterday and it went very well. The recruiter also heard from them that it went well. They are of course interviewing several people in the next day or two and will select a couple of us to come in for the in person round of interviewing before they make their choice. Hmmm, this isn't exactly they way the recruiter initially presented how this would go but oh well. I just hope I get this one as it sounds perfect for me and an exciting challenge.
Keep on Knittin'

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