Friday, July 11, 2008

They're Here!

I've finally recieved the new product for The Knitting Hutch that I've been working on for a while now.

Knitit Wickit
The perfect knitting drying towels
For some time now I have searched for the perfect towel to dry my freshly washed knitted items. Old bathtowels were fine but just never seemed to absorb enough. These chamois cloths do the job very well. Knitit Wickit is a German made Chamois towel designed to wick away water. Whether you are preparing to block your freshly washed knitting project or dry your cherished heirloom knitted item this will wick away water and cut your drying time in half.
This is a must have item for any knitter! The kits include: 2 XLarge 27” x 20” cloths plus care instructions for $9.95. You can only find them at The Knitting Hutch.
Ok, now back to my knitting updates...
Last Nights Knitting .... Nothing really exciting here. I finished the leg of the King Charles Brocade sock and started on the heel turn. I did go with the Eye of Partridge flap but with the variegation you really can't see much pattern. Oh well.

Job Search update.... I haven't heard anything yet from the company or recruiter on the job downtown I really, really want. Hopefully I'll hear something on Monday... like a call to come in for an inperson interview.
That's all for now so everyone back to your knitting, and have a wonderful weekend.

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