Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just a quick update

Thought I'd put an update to my last post.

Last Nights (and the night before) Knitting....
First I did share the love and finished the King Charles Brocade Sock before working on my Sea Tangles Monday night. The socks are washed and blocking now getting ready to be entered into the county fair. Pictures tomorrow. Last night I did work a dozen rows on Sea Tangles. This pattern really is so cool. You have a choice of knitting from the static .pdf files or the dynamic Excel spreadsheet. What makes the spreadsheets dynamic? Well, the designer uses some fairly complex formulas to create each rows directions and each time you close and reopen the spreadsheet the random placement and size of the cables change but keeps the number of stitches in the row and increases correct. Really fun to watch. This also confirms her note that no worries if you don't exactly place the cable 34 stitches in but 43 or if you invert the cable stitches... it's all random. Cool!

Habu Stainless Steel Silk for the Sea Tangles update
Wow, response for the Habu Stainless Steel Silk has been tremendous.
From the upcoming shipment here is currently what is available for reservation
  • grey are all spoken for
  • brown 3 available to be reserved
  • white and black plenty available for you to reserve
You can email me if you want yours from this upcoming shipment but
Of course I will be reordering this again soon.

Habu is coming
I have a great shipment that is scheduled to be here tomorrow and it includes some favorites that haven't been in for awhile.

Plus I've been busy today working on a surprise for the shop... more on that later.

hmmm, guess this wasn't really that quick of an update.
Promise pictures to share tomorrow.

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