Monday, July 28, 2008

Ok, I know I really shouldn't have ...

I know, I know I have way too many in progress projects right now and several just need a bit of finishing to get them in 'completed' status. But you see went and released the Summer 08 suprises and I couldn't help myself.

One of the patterns is Sea Tangles by Kie Zuraw.

This pattern is a unique design that showcases Habu Textile's Stainless Steel and Silk yarn perfectly. It is a frothy tunic that uses randomly placed and sized cables to mimic fishing nets or Japanese seaweed - amazing! I really did have intentions of finishing up my King Charles Brocade socks with just part of a repeat and toe left to do then this project called to me.

I just happened to have some of this yarn in my stash waiting for the perfect pattern. The color also happened to be the same as the one the designer used (03 - top grey). Soooo, I found an empty US 6 circ, opened the pattern and cast on for the left sleve. Ok, this yarn really is between cobweb and lace weight (read sewing thread), but once you get it going on the size 6 needles it really isn't bad at all. I would however recommend using needles with the pointiest tip you've got. You will also need a small cable needle to hold this slippery goodness of yarn when doing the cables. Oh, and please don't do what I did (see pic below) and wind this off of the cone into a ball... not a good idea. Just knit it directly off of the cone.
Several customers have already contacted me asking if I have this in stock. I am currently out but I've placed an order for a mess of these in the top 4 neutral colors. If you'd like to reserve some for a Sea Tangles for yourself just drop me an email and I'll set some aside. I am still trying to confirm the yardage on these but looks like it will only take 2 to 3 cones of this to do a sweater. Oh, and this pattern is sized from XS to a 3X!

Ok, I guess I'll have to get busy knitting now and share the love between this one and the socks that are sooo close to done.

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Runningwave said...

This is fascinating yarn and has an amazing affect. I've never seen anything like it. Thank you for sharing your process photos. It's good to see how it's done in addition to the finished product.

Waves from
aka Maria from Maryland