Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ode to the cable needle

Ok I really don't use cable needles very often but when you need them boy do you need them.
I know some are able to do cables without any type of holding device and I would agree that this is fine for wool, alpaca and other non slippery yarns but not for silk. When I started Sea Tangles I looked all over for my favorite cable needles but couldn't find them anywhere. Then I remembered I gave them to a friend who was a new knitter and working on her first cabled project. So off I went in search of a cable needle since I don't carry these in my online shop (yet).
First I went to Fred Myers to check their small yarn section, nothing. Then with 30 minutes to spare I went down to JoAnn's before they closed on Sunday. They had one but not my preferred style of cable needle. I was stuck so I took it anyways. I plodded through with this cable needle for over 50 rows of my project but still wasn't happy with it. So yesterday I while running some errands I found a hobby shop that looked like it would have a decent sized yarn section. Yep, it did stuck back in the furthest corner. (why do all hobby stores shove knitting to the back? Then I found it... my favorite type of cable needle!

There are 2 common types of cable needles. Fish hook (left) and straight with a bump (right).
The straight is ok in a pinch but I really am much happier with the fish hook style. For me it feels more secure holding the stitches in the crook nicely with the balance and gravity holding it from shifting around trying to lose your stitches.
The other really nice 'feature' of the fish hook style is hangs nicely on the side of your knitting basket while not in use. I've decided to order these for the shop and include one in each order of the Habu Stainless Silk order for those using it for Sea Tangles.
So what is your preferred style of cable needle? Fish hook or straight with bump?

Last Nights Knitting - Well as you can probably tell from this picture not much knitting last night. 6 rows to be exact. I was working on the website, answering emails and of course watching Project Runway. Well hopefully better progress will be made tonight.
As promised pictures of the completed Trekking King Charles Brocade socks.
I'm excited about entering these and a few other projects in the fair next month.
Anyone else planning on entering their projects in their county fair?

Oh, and a shipment from Habu arrived this morning! Already up on the site and going out the door so take a look > There's another shipment on it's way and should be here next week but this is part of my order for the Winter Seasons of Habu Club. Very excited to get started on this one. You can also see more info on this in the shop.

Knit on people

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