Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Randomness

Some pictures of the blocking of the Seasons of Habu Summer project. We start off with something looking like a drenched critter. Seriously since this is silk it does need some gentle treatment while wet. Wet silk is fragile and you want to give it support while pulling it out of it's bath. I used our drying towel to pull out most of the water before blocking.

Of course every job requires a supervisor and I have mine. Meet Ophilia (FiFi) my tuxedo kitty.
The Blockit blocking wires make this an easy and efficient process. I only use 14 T pins and the edges are very straight.

She is actually waiting for this to be over with so she can claim her piece of sunshine.

Finally, the front (or back) is dry and I couldn't wait to drape this on the dress form to see how it will hang. Love it! Blocked out at 22" across and 19.5" from collar to hem.

Here is a closeup of the simple but lovely rolled edge at the neckline.

Last night I cast on for the matching piece and can't wait to see this put together.

Have a random Thursday

and as always ...

Enjoy your knitting!

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Celie said...

It is stunning!! Great work! I can't wait to see it finished.